Behind each rework, cost blowout or missed deadline, is a lie.

It is extraordinarily rare for things to go wrong in a business without someone having prior knowledge and lying about it. By not saying anything, they lie by omission. By saying what they don’t believe, they lie by commission. And by agreeing with someone else’s lie, they lie by collusion.

Whatever the lie, it carries a cost and cripples progress.

So why do people lie?

The truth hurts

People shoot the messenger, colleagues ‘blow back’, and when the blame-shifting begins, morale plummets. The truth can feel like a costly risk, until we look at the cost of the lie.

Can you speak the truth? It takes something to declare ‘the emperor has no clothes’ - as Leaders, how do we create an environment where people can tell the truth?

Give people permission

Former Telstra Business Woman of the Year Award Winner, Jennifer Elliott, says we need to create an environment in our organisations which encourages people to tell the truth.

The speed of truth determines the effectiveness of our decisions. Being willing to hear the truth is as important as telling it.

Jennifer Elliott

Come to our next Boardroom Breakfast to hear Jennifer explain how practicing, and demonstrating, radical transparency can improve the truthfulness of our organisations and make a measurable difference to the bottom line.


Key takeaways

  • Why we lie
  • How you can create a culture that welcomes the truth
  • How leading by example creates radical truth in an organisation
  • Giving people permission to speak the truth
  • How much are lies costing your business


Time: 7:00am - 9:00am
Date: 9th October
Location: Establishment
252 George St

Eventbrite - Results Start with the Human in the Mirror!- Sydney


Time: 7:00am - 9:00am
Date: 16th October
Location: Park Hyatt
1 Parliament Square

Eventbrite -The Hidden Cost Of Lies


Time: 7:00am - 9:00am
Date: 23rd October
Location: Hilton Hotel
190 Elizabeth Street

Eventbrite - Results Start with the Human in the Mirror! - Brisbane


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