Integrity – holds it all together

Learn the critical conversations that maintain your Integrity

In this webinar we will discuss what it takes to maintain your Integrity in the face of no agreement.  Who you need to be, what the language of Integrity is and once learned, how much freedom you gain.

Maintaining your integrity stops you second guessing yourself as a Leader and decision making becomes easier, it is the pathway to a simpler life.

Integrity is also our capacity to own our mistakes and clean up with velocity!  The longer we take to clean up our messes, the quicker we lose credibility. 

Be your word - your people are watching you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Shine a light on Integrity and see how it impacts results
  • We will discuss when something is a matter of Integrity
  • The power of the Integrity Clean Up, when you’ve messed up

Webinar Registration 

Time: 7:45am for 8:00am to 9:00am AEST
Date: 2nd June 2020
Location: ZOOM