Being a family-run business has been a key to the A.H. Beard success story for 120 years.

But as A.H. Beard Chairman Garry Beard knows ‘it’s not the business that destroys the family, it's the family that destroys the business. This belief kickstarted the expansion of A.H. Beard leadership beyond the family circle and a need for leadership guidance to establish the path forward.

Explore how Integrity and Values helped guide leadership to take on what’s next and deliver both personal and professional outcomes for A.H. Beard.

What’s Inside:

  • Introducing A.H. Beard, an Australian family success story

  • ‘It's not the business destroying the family. It's the family that destroys the business’

  • Finding and filling the gaps

  • Why Integrity and Values?

  • Leadership in action 

  • ‘Not just another management training program’

  • The timely demise of The Lovely Club

  • Professional Insights & Personal Outcomes

  • Integrity and Values Impact


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