Leadership development at Sanitarium Health Food Company helps managers to “find the leader inside”.

Sanitarium is a food manufacturer with an emphasis on health and well-being, an intent that goes right back to its beginnings in 1898. As one of Australia’s best known food brands, its message is: “It’s what’s inside that counts”. That philosophy extends to its approach to the management of its own workforce. Sanitarium invests solidly in leadership development and believes leaders have to lead from the inside out.

The commitment to leadership development at Sanitarium is a longterm one, with some managers having been associated for over ten years. Explore how Integrity and Values continues to guide their leadership to results after all these years.

What’s Inside:

  • A young manager embarks on leadership development

  • Learning confidence through self-awareness

  • Common company language

  • Confidence boosts performance

  • Leaders and teams change

  • Looking at leadership now



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