Uncovering the hard truths and having difficult conversations was key to improving productivity, workplace morale and the bottom line.

It all started with a ‘dozer’ on a hill in a time of severe drought. It grew into a successful large family owned enterprise spanning three generations.

Centrals is an innovative, earthmoving and civil construction organisation operating throughout regional Western Australia. They started in 1978 and their success can be attributed to their commitment to family, flexibility, innovative practices and encouraging participation with the region’s Indigenous workforce.

However, it was not all smooth sailing. When the mining boom ended in 2014, business slowed dramatically. Centrals recognised the business lacked direction and was faced with some tough decisions.

Discover what led them to invest in their leadership team and the outcomes Integrity and Values delivered.

What’s Inside:

  • The Centrals Story

  • The desire to make a difference in my community

  • Boom or Bust!

  • 18-month Leadership Development Program

  • Uncovering hard truths

  • The Results


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